Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Psalms to the Almighty - Luminous Voices - August 23. 24, 2014

Calgary and Edmonton events of this sort are rare and special! Sacred Music of Ukraine, a programme sung by Calgary's "Luminous Voices" will be presented on Saturday, August 23, 2014 in Edmonton and on Sunday, August 24, 2014 in Calgary! Please share this information widely with friends, family and the entire community of music lovers!

Artem Vedel's (1767-1808) Masterpieces of Ukrainian Classical Choral Music will be presented through the Artistic Leadership of Timothy Shantz, and the Luminous Voices of Calgary. Luminous Voices, Calgary's first professional choir, has turned its attention to the great majestic beauty of Artem Vedel's musical legacy. A recording project seems imminent!!

Two performances will be shared.  In Edmonton at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, and in Calgary at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation. Attendance is free, and the churches will offer opportunities to donate to Orthodox and Catholic charities working in Ukraine.

Quoting Lilea Wolansky of the UMF, "In view of the critical situation in Ukraine, it is fitting that on the 22nd anniversary of Ukrainian Independence, we have this opportunity to lift our hearts with these beautiful psalms to the Almighty."

Thursday, 3 July 2014

From the Pacific to the Atlantic

Joining millions of interested viewers, lately most of us have watched news and social media with trepidation. The events of winter 2013-2014 truly have galvanized community, concern and care for Ukraine. For me, the feeling of Ukrainian-ness seemed to be fading into Canadian-ness, but the world response to Ukraine has changed this! Ukraine's unique position in the world, and complex challenges are being publicly confirmed. The centuries old aspirations of Ukrainians, the historical neighborhood, the impatient tenacity, and unhappy consequences for nationhood, for economic security, and political sovereignty is finally reaching a world audience. Recognition has fostered a spirit of hope, of freedom, of pride, and this acknowledgement has seeped into the social consciousness of Ukraine's people - including the diaspora. The can-do spirit seems reborn in so many people, including family and friends of ours! Seeking a better future, they have made very hard decisions, and acted upon them!

A surprising and well received film entry into the Cannes Festival of 2014 by cinematographer brothers Andrew and Phillip Rozhen documented Ukraine's "Winter that changed us". The gentlemen will be touring CANADA to share this remarkable, powerful and informative account of Ukraine's civil protest of 2013-2014 - the MAIDAN. The tour starts in Vancouver, and I know they will be at Vegreville's Ukrainian Pysanka Festival! Surely this is an event to pencil into your schedule! More information to come!