Friday, 8 May 2015

The Treasure of Community - Calgary Ukrainian Festival 2015

Giving back to the community is high priority for Ukrainians in Canada. Socially, economically, spiritually, intellectually and culturally our community provides profoundly rich experiences for its many, many participants. In the century and more of Ukrainian diaspora in North America the community has overcome remarkable challenges, and flourished in ways we will only appreciate from the vantage point of future times.

A treasured legacy of profound love, dedication of resources and time - this is the Calgary Ukrainian Festival. And how can you be a part of it!!

Maybe this is your year for adopting a class? Could you provide for Ukrainian lessons for a needy child? Could you provide for someone's Ukrainian dance lessons this year? Could you contribute to a family's spiritual journey via their membership in a church? Could you touch the hearts of the needy through their sense, especially their stomachs - send a meal of pyrogies and holubtsi? Contribute to the Ukrainian Canadian Community's advocacy for the homeland? Promote the professional and intellectual resources at the Ukrainian Library at St. Vlads? Get involved in outreach and education through the Pioneer Program at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada Branch here in Calgary?

So many ways to get involved - so many wonderful sights, sounds, and smells - remember to bring the kids for a very friendly, kid centered day, and then plan for the evening zabava - korchma, and dance (of course!! bring your boots!!)


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Suzirya The Anniversary Show 2015

Do you miss the adrenaline rush, the dancer habits, the chaos of rehearsal schedules, the escapism through physical engagement in dance, your former flexibility,the costumes, stage makeup, pounding dance music, and trusting friendships of your dancing days?  If even one of these applies to you then you have to hurry and get your tickets!

In just over a week, Suzirya will be pulling out all the stops to celebrate their 10th Anniversary Show! I imagine Serhiy and the dancers will be beaming with exhilaration! Tickets are still available! Come and join Suzirya and special guests, the Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Society, the Yalenka Ukrainian Dancers Society and theKorinnya Ukrainian Folk Ensemble as they celebrate 10 years of Ukrainian dance in Calgary!

Date: Sunday, May 17, 2015 @ 7:30 pm

Location: Martha Cohen Theatre (220 9 Ave. SE, Calgary, AB)

Tickets are available through the Arts Commons website ( or at the Arts Commons Box Office (Centre Court at 225 8 Ave. SE, Calgary, AB).

Don't You Just Love Men's Singing?

I absolutely adore the sound of men's choirs.  Not sure when I got addicted! Men have sung together throughout history, maybe it is in my genes!  I especially enjoy the sound of men singing in harmony, usually a cappella. Really, and why do you need another instrument when you have the glorious range of countertenors all the way to the basso profundo to sing everything from folk songs to musical comedy, choruses from opera, as well as unique and specialized arrangements by new and respected Ukrainian composers.  Just love, love, love!  

And the Ukrainian Male Chorus of Edmonton have the fellowship of music and culture to share. That's why you just have to mark Saturday, May 23, 2015 with a special star on your calendar.  

The Ukrainian Male Chorus of Edmonton presents a Spring Concert on Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church (1121 14 Avenue SW) in Calgary with special guest: Calgary's own Stephania Romaniuk, mezzo-soprano  (Recently returned from an eventful and positively received musical/philanthropic tour to Ukraine!

The hour-long concert will feature Ukrainian sacred and secular choral works, as well as several songs sung in English.      Admission is by donation.

The choir's website is
Stephania's website is

The choir will also be singing the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 9:30 AM at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church at 404-Meredith Road NE Calgary.  For more information please call 403-264-3437.  

Friday, 1 May 2015

Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring 2015

Are you still waiting for Spring? Round and round the seasons go! Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring. Here is an invitation you simply cannot refuse!

Come and Celebrate the Seasons with Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Club of Lethbridge tomorrow evening (May 2) at the University of Lethbridge Theatre (7pm).

Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Club continues the excellence in community building this year with its 20th anniversary spring show. Ukrainian dancing, culture and spirit will make for a very enjoyable experience for Southern Alberta! And those twenty years have certainly been busy!

From the little, little, big steps of the first dance classes in the 1990's to their 2014-5 full program of culinary treats, pysanky, traditions, singing, carolling, malanka, and community outreach with over 12 performances annually - Troyanda certainly has performed its "ingathering", including social activism while informing the greater Canadian public about affairs in the ancestral homeland - Ukraine! A wonderfully open hearted welcome, community spirit, but most essentially - excellence in dance! Hope you will wish them a happy 20th anniversary from all of us in Southern Alberta! And many more!

Get your tickets today!