Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Official Opening of the Cave and Basin First World War Internment Exhibit

Ukrainians of Southern Alberta will have the first opportunity to visit the new, to be unveiled Cave and Basin First World War Internment Exhibit in Banff National Park this June 20, 2013. Especially poignant for the descendants of those who were taken into custody during the First World War, it has to be a "mark on your calendar" event.

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association has worked long and hard to establish such excellent relations with the representatives of Canadians in various arms of government. Their decades long advocacy on behalf of the Ukrainian idea in Canada is something for which I am personally thankful.

As a descendant of the early pioneers, I can say without question that the War Internment affected my family. Tenaciously holding to their Ukrainian identity over the generations hasn't always been easy. In fact, like many families, the assimilation process is strong. But as a Canadian, I take great pride in the manner in which my government has owned and tried to right the wrong that was done by establishing yet another First World War Internment Exhibit - this time in Banff National Park. Teaching the general public about the errors in judgement human beings can make, and then leading by example in correcting a historic wrong, this special exhibit will serve a greater good, for a more honorable way forward. We can only hope the world around us will emulate this trend.

It will be a special Thursday afternoon, an excellent opportunity to reach out to family and friends to take a driving trip to Banff. Ukrainian Canadian Congress President Paul Grod is among the esteemed guests who will make the trip across Canada to mark the event on behalf of the many who cannot. Perhaps you could represent your group, and take photos for your local media outlet?

The Official Opening of the Cave & Basin First World War Internment Exhibit will take place on June 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm at the Cave & Basin National Historic Site in Banff, Alberta.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Musical Director for Calgary's Korinnya Ensemble

Exciting news for Calgary's choral music scene!  Korinnya Ukrainian Folk Ensemble has recently welcomed its New Musical Director, Iryna Kalinovich (Melnyk).  Ms. Kalinovich, formerly  of Lviv, Western Ukraine brings a wealth of music expertise to Korinnya, for many years Calgary's only Ukrainian folk choir and ensemble. With an extensive performance background in voice, and specialist at the string instrument, the bandura, she is a graduate of the S. Lyudkevych State Music College in Lviv, as well as the M. Lysenko National Music Academy in Lviv.  Musical Director of Soli Deo Choir of Lviv, Ms. Kalinovich led  performances for audiences in many European countries, and recording three CD's over the course of 6 tears tenure with the choir.

Korinnya welcomed Ms. Kalinovich in spring 2013, thrilled to again make wonderful sounds as an ensemble. Korinnya is a mixed voice chorus originally founded in Calgary some 25 or more years ago.  Audience pleasing performances of Ukrainian folk music, carols, anthems and songs from Ukraine's cultural treasure chest formed the repertoire under Cathy Klopoushak-Lebedovich, founder and artistic director of many years.

Looking forward to hearing Korinnya again, with its new maestro? Intrigued by the new opportunities for Calgary's choral music scene?  Calgary may glimpse the new baton in action at Calgary's Ukrainian Festival on June1-2, 2013.  See you there!

For more information check calgaryukrainianfestival.ca  and www.korinnya.com.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Soar like an Eagle - Sokil Project

Eagles keep soaring on a thermal updraft even though gravity is constantly pulling.  Such is the life of birds and such is the life of academic aspirants today in the Sokal Student Award Project in Ukraine.  The objective of the project is to support Ukraine's youth by inspiring them to pursue higher education, help define their goals and aspirations while increasing their confidence in their abilities.  Graduating high school students in the Sokal Region of Western Ukraine, from the cities of Sokal, Velyki Mosty, 17 villages and Internat (which is a home for invalids and children with serious illnesses) participated in the project.  There were 45 students awarded financial gifts in the 2012 year, soon the 2013's will be announced. 

Student essays on the topic "What I want to Become and How I will Achieve This" exhibited their high academic potential, character traits and purposeful goal setting.  The Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, Alberta Provincial, as well as Ukrainian Women's Association of America, New York, are among the women's associations who are helping smaller localities with their academic opportunities in this manner.  Financial gifts have enabled study at Lviv universities in medicine and history to date. 

Did you know that the first Ukrainian Youth Association in Canada was called Eagles and Eagless?  At a 1930 Ukrainian Self Reliance League of Canada convention they chose the name Sokole for the youth group which would over time be renamed Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association- CYMK (SUMK).  In its 80 plus years, the poetic Sokil-eaglets have been proud and freedom loving birds,  kings among birds, whose ability to soar the heights has enabled perception, precision and far-reaching potential. 

It's time to put some money into the hands of those able to help a strong democratic foundation for Ukraine's leap into economic prosperity. A warm thermal updraft will keep the young eagles from Sokil Region afloat - let's help them soar!

All donations for this project may be directed to The Sokal Student Award Project in Ukraine, UWAC Alberta Provincial Executive, 10951-107 Street, Edmonton, AB. Canada T5H 2Z5

In Sokal, the Student Project is administered by the executive committee of The Charitable Fund, "Ukraine's Future, Sokal Area," through the Sokal Region Department of Education. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tryzub Dancers at the CPO - September 14, 2013

Collaborations of the finest artistic talents take the stage again in Calgary this September! The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra has a sensational program of Gliere, Smetana, Prokofiev, Mussorgsky and of course a Hopak to salute the music and culture of Ukraine. And Calgary's Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble is exuberantly sharing the color, enthusiasm, and Canada's favorite dance form - the Ukranian Hopak! 

Hopak! A Ukrainian Spectacular is part of the Destination Series of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra's offerings in fall of 2013. Put Saturday, Septmber 14, 2013 at 8 PM on the calendar!

It seems a lot of Canadians have enjoyed the traditional Hopak of Ukrainian dance ensembles across the prairies and beyond.  But did you know that recently there has been an upsurgence in recognition that the powerful Hopak contains remnants of an ancient Cossack martial art?  Powerful, contained in a public dance form, Tryzub's Hopak is a celebration of potential, kinetic energy and oh, so fun to watch!

Here you can enjoy an excerpt from a famous movie about Ukraine's Virsky Ukrainian Dance company, filmed in 1975 during Pavlo Virsky's.

To purchase tickets, call the CPO Box Office at 403-571-0849.
Online ticket sales will be available August 15, 2013.
To subscribe to the entire Destination Series call the CPO Box Office at 403.571.0849.
Saturday, September 14, 2013 – 8pm at Calgary's Jack Singer Concert Hall.

Conductor Edmond Agopian will lead Calgary's CPO with guest artists Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble in a beautiful program built on Glière's Overture on Slavonic Themes, Three Dances from Smetana's  The Bartered Bride, Excerpts from Prokofiev's Cinderella, the Hopak from Mussorgsky's Sorochinsky Fair, and Ukrainian Dances arranged by D. Seidle. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Calgary's Ukrainian Festival - June 1-2, 2013

June 1-2, 2013 is almost here! Calgary's Fourth Ukrainian Festival is upon us!   It's becoming a magnet event with representation from across Canada and beyond!  Performers, vendors, guests - and a terrific opportunity to bump into long lost friends!!

With so many award winning Ukrainian dance schools and other performers on stage, it is a constant riot of activity - the kids love having an audience and of course - culture and tradition get loads of applause!  Come for the culture, the traditions, the excitement of community! 

Browsing the vendors guarantees you gifts and trinkets, but even moreso, a new vocabulary of ethnic gift giving.  After all, helping your children appreciate their roots, their heritage, is such an important part of their future too!

Calgary is genuinely fascinated with its roots.  From the mythology involving cowboy hat and spurs, to the reason why grandad was a farm hand way back in the early 1900's Calgarians want to know how our wonderful city came to be.  After the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede last year, we all see the value of connecting and creating, being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves alone! Coming to the Festival is just another way of "people watching", and appreciating their values, their interests, and their dreams!  We have a lot of "cultural capital" right here among community! 

You can enjoy the shows, meet esteemed and rising artists, performers whose talents may astound you, and possibly win a prize or two from the interesting sales booths that bring Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian idea to eager purchasers.  Campaigning for heritage languages, folk culture, and public acknowledgement of the Ukrainian idea among Calgarians is simply a rite of Canadian passage. 

Wear your Ukrainian clothing!  Get the kids involved in the events!  Come for the shows and a meal!  Bring your camera, your cash and a good pair of walking shoes!  Enjoy the booths, comment on their wares and ask them to bring the stuff you need next time through, create a vibe with your family, friends and neighbors!  The Calgary Ukrainian Festival - version 4 - is bound to be a memorable event - will we see you there?? 

Don't forget the zabava, too!  Do  Zustichi!
Fourth Annual Calgary Ukrainian Festival!
Acadia Recreation Complex, 240 90 Avenue SE


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Calgary's Ukrainian Community Volunteers are the Best!

It's great how those in our Ukrainian Community here in Calgary rally together and help each other with their various casinos.  So says the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award Recipient Halya Wilson, (she's our person at the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Calgary), and she would know!  Championing the Ukrainian idea has been her life's work it seems!  In her "spare time", she finds ways to include, embrace and welcome all sorts of admirers of the Ukrainian idea on the prairies. 
So if you are in Calgary on the May long weekend, your "spare time" would be greatly appreciated!  If you can help with the fundraiser efforts for Calgary's Echoes of Ukraine, Ukrainian TV on Shaw 89, on either Saturday or Sunday, please contact Christine Musienko at (403)830-1975.
Genuine, and heartfelt appreciation to all those who have volunteered.  And an equally heartfelt to those who wish to support in another way - you choose!  Have a great weekend, and enjoy all the amazing spin-offs that come of our Ukrainian Community! 
Hey, and while you are filling your "volunteer calendar", I suspect the Calgary Ukrainian Festival people would love to hear from you too!!http://www.calgaryukrainianfestival.ca/contact-us/volunteer-application-form/
Wouldn't you like a Ukrainian Festival TShirt??


Friday, 17 May 2013

Why do Western Canadians make such Tiny Pyrohy(varenyky)?

Calgary Ukrainian Festival 2012
Pyrohy are a phenomenon - and may be the essential National food of Canadians, and not only Ukrainian Canadians!  You can walk into any grocer these days and select from a growing variety of pyrogies, but as every Ukrainian cook knows, imitation is the highest form of compliment.  There is nothing like home cooked food! And anything that resembles it capitalizes on the powerful memory trigger of taste!  Nobody forgets the smells, and tastes of home.  And pyrogy - varenyky are passionately intertwined between food, culture, and memory! 

Cultural maven that I am, did you know that the term pyr- actually means baked?  And varennyk actually means boiled?  Nonetheless, pyrogies-varenyky are slow food.  It can be a process, unless you are efficient with your time, like the baba's of my youth who could process 12 dozen or more in one short afternoon by themselves!  Freshly made, soft, not frozen, pyrogies-varenyky are simple, comfort food designed to erase all memory of painful times, relationships or worries.  They are homely, honest and absolutely essential!  They are the reason family comes home for Ukrainian Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and every other weekend! 

Pyrogies, varenyky or however they are labeled can trace their presence in Canada to the arrival of people from Eastern Europe - those who came to settle the prairies with Vasyl Eleniak and others from Western Ukraine in 1891 and onward. A culinary classic largely representative of Ukrainian culture, varenyky or pyrogies are favorites at family gatherings, potlucks and family restaurants across the Canadian prairies.  But do not be fooled into believing it is peasant food!  Handmade, and filled with a variety of traditional or non traditional delicious tastes, everyone has their own preference - sauerkraut, saskatoons, prunes, sour cherries, wild mushrooms, potato, with cheese, sour cream or fresh dill, with sauteed onions - they are the best! They are simply the best evidence of the tenacious hold of culture on the palate - and the extensive and rich diversity of Ukrainian heritage across Canada's Ukrainian historical sites, architecture, landmarks, cultural events and festivals. 

But why the tiny morsels?  Experts say the smallest ones are the most work, and of course they come from experienced hands, not a machine!  Although pyrogy eating championships may appeal to some, they have an esteemed culinary history.  The soft pliable dough depends upon the gluten properties in the wheat which gained Ukraine the reputation for being the breadbasket of Europe. Whether thrifty, or simply elegant, the varennyk-pyrogy is always most appreciated when made with nimble, tidy fingers - and how best to demonstrate potential and talent to a potential partner, nurturer, mate/lover than to serve up a plate of deliciously tiny home-made varenyky? 

So from tiny pyrohy to the giant pyrohy, or pierogy, or varenyk, it is time to think about how this delicious morsel of food is being celebrated in Alberta!  Did you know that Glendon, Alberta has a Pyrogy Festival showcasing Ukrainian culture and cuisine every September long weekend?  Come to see the giant pyrogy that stands 27 feet tall, deliciously waiting for  hungry passer-by, tantelizing the senses, on a fork. Built in 1991 of fiberglass with a metal frame, it is a two hour drive north east of Edmonton into Alberta's Lakeland Kalyna Country, well worth the trip! Looking at it on the fork, it doesn't seem too big!  A fun weekend of great music, beautiful Ukrainian dancing, and a Pyrogy eating contest!  If you are intrigued by this amazing village, make time to visit - remember to make reservations to stay at the Glendon Pyrogy Motel on Railway Avenue, and then head to the Pyrogy Restaurant too.  Call  Mayor Johnnie Doonanco at 780-635-3807 for more information!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0ZfeClBk-Q

Personally, I think their monument looks much like the Varenyk monument in Synky village, Ukraine. Пам'ятник варенику при в'їзді в Кіровоградську область (біля села Синьки) з боку Черкаської області.  What do you think? 


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Telnyuk Sisters May 20 Concert in Calgary

It is a very special gift when Calgary can play host to international performing artists, especially when they bring the Ukrainian idea for a visit.  And this Victoria Day long weekend in May presents an opportunity to enjoy beautiful Ukrainian music with corresponding artwork. 

The Telnyuk Sisters will be performing in Calgary on Monday, May 20 at 3 PM, bringing warm, spring-tinged songs of youth, beauty, affection and peace! 

Mark you calendar, and thank Halya Wilson for sharing this info through ukrainiancalgary's community.  Pass it on! 
Here is an invitation from the Telnyuk Sisters themselves! 

For more information call 403-276-1835 and come to the show on Monday, May 20 at 3 PM at Assumption Church Hall.
Tickets at the door are $10.00 or "Donations Welcome".

See you there!

Clips of the Telnyuk sisters

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May Long Weekend Ukrainian Dance Extravaganza

Take ridne!  From Kosiw, Ivano-Frankivsk,
Western Ukraine, from Iryna. 
What to do this May long weekend? Albertans have a great venue and a great idea!  Time to get to the Ukrainian Village!

Alberta's Ukrainian dancing fans, as well as those from across the Canadian prairies have a great May long weeend event happening!  It is time for The Celebration of Dance!

On Monday, May 20, 2013, Alberta's largest dance extravaganza will feature a variety of dance groups of all ages!  Gotta get there! The Ukrainian Village will be the host venue for a great day of authentic sights and celebrations of Ukrainian heritage, family fun and activities including a village market, musicians, entertainers, and more!  The rural life of Ukrainian settlers as they became players in Alberta's formative years will make for an entertaining and worthwhile step into history!  With wagon rides, sheep shearing demonstrations, religious services in the authentic Albertan built Ukrainian churches, informative exhibits, and of course, traditional Ukrainian foods, this is a weekend for everyone!

This is also a worthwhile family trip for those currently writing Alberta's academic achievement tests, in elementary school!  With a focus on the lives of Albertans, and her history,  this heritage museum is the best! 

Bring your picnic gear, your walking shoes, and a bag for your market shopping, that is, if you have time between all the dance extravaganza fun! Don't forget to bring your camera - the heritage museum is staffed by actors who portray the various roles involved in this cultural heritage museum - lots of stories to tell!  The Village is open from 10 to 5 this Monday!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Three Men Making Kovbasa

rk2013 - note the sunflower plate and lovely
 furniture on the deck, the broom handle
in red to display the lovely rk homemade kovbasa
So I mentioned a while back that my husband was bound and determined to make his own Ukrainian sausages - kovbasa, for Easter.  I was very skeptical, because the idea of meat grinding, casings, random spices and tons of garlic, all combined with men drinking beer in my lovely clean kitchen, really didn't make me happy.  But then again, I can be surprised from time to time.

So he bought a smoker.  The box came into the house where he proudly picked up the instruction manual first - I was impressed.  Then he bought the meat grinder for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  And he read the instructions again, double impressed!  Then he found a video online and watched the expert about 3 times - again, triple impressed.  He went to the butcher and bought twelve pounds of pork shoulder which needed to be marinated overnight in salt, pepper, marjoram, garlic and other stuff.  He bought hog casings too.  Then it was time to invite the boys over - I got scared again.  But when he showed me the instruction video they were following, I almost believed again.

He insisted it was a "boys night" to make the kovbasa - you can see why I was beginning to worry.  Then he chose a night when I wasn't going to be home, and had to leave them unsupervised.  Leaving them to stuff meat through a grinder, and then into casings, but again, I can be surprised, it seems. Bob and Andrij, the boys,  arrived, drank beer, had an entertaining time.  I returned home to find the kitchen actually looked quite presentable.  And so did the kovbasa! They looked like the real thing to me!  All that remained was smoking, storing and tasting at Easter Breakfast. 

Well, Easter is over and though I had little confidence in his first kovbasa project, it was a success!  In fact, at the Easter breakfast table there were rave reviews for his home made, home smoked kovbasa.  Gotta get him to try it again!

Maybe you can try it too!  How to Make Homemade Sausage - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPQP4TC3E1w.

Every Mother was Once a Daughter

Every mother who ever experienced birthgiving, knows in her heart that the entire process is a miracle.  Perhaps it was chosen, perhaps not, but the experience itself is almost impossible to encapsulate in words.  Between nurturer and child the first embrace is flooded with emotions, fear, release, capture, awe and amazement!  Nobody truly believes their capacity to feel that kind of love, until it happens - and then you continue to be amazed at its resilient tenacity in the presence of conflicting emotions. 

As is the tradition in many countries, the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day! It is a time to recognize "mother" for her most important nurturing role in society.  "Mother" is an expression of wisdom, valuing,  caring and compassion, listening and help, comfort and imspiration, and peace from generation to generation.

Each of us has unique bonding memories. Infancy, childhood, the growing years, young adulthood, maturity and beyond are touched with the influence of the female nurturer.  Of course, the journey through life is complex, but "Mother-nurturer" determines the degree of culture in a society.  Caring for the welfare of one child determines the welfare of the entire society. Over time, "mother" is wisdom.  Her patience, vision, perceptive tutelage shapes all of us. She is the keeper of the hearth, who "nurses" her offspring with the milk of human kindness.

If we are truly honest about Mother's Day, a Mother's Day card or a bouquet of flowers is really festive, but perhaps superficial in its celebratory tone. No matter how hard we try to express our appreciation, praise, flowers or gifts, there is always more that avoids capture.  Words fail us, and actions rarely speak all the truth. 

Mothers live every moment agonizing over their shortcomings, both imagined and real.  The truth is, mothers mostly feel humbled by the magnititude of their experience.  But every mother was once a daughter.  Every daughter looked to her mother in awe of her experience.  And the ancestral maternal line miraculously takes us back to the first Eve.  Happy Mother's Day to Eve, to all her daughters, all the ancestral mothers!  Luv ya!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bar-v-nok Summer Camp 2013

Maybe it's the warm weather, or the fragrance of trees in bud, but it seems like summer already!!  Grass is greening, tulips are peeking over the mulch, and a day ago I saw a little blue robin's egg - surely it is finally here!

Parents love having the children home from school for the summer holidays!  After the rush of school and extracurricular activities it is a time to reconnect at a slower pace.  The lazy days of summer!

It's time to think about summer camps again.   Time to plan for the children to have an experience of a lifetime!  I know the summer camp experience enriched my life!  In fact, everyone I have ever spoken to about camp has nothing but fun times to exclaim about!  Some of us made life long friends through camping experiences, too!

So how to get the best of summer vacation for the children, a learning experience in growing up, and a well deserved parent-time too?  Planning for a relaxed, enjoyable summer camp in an atmosphere enriched with Ukrainian activities and companionship?  Perhaps you should check out Camp Bar-V-Nok!

Located on Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Camp Bar-V-Nok is well equiped for great times on the water, court sports, hikes, campfire and forest activities as well as nature crafts,  and a fabulous deck and eating hall. Bar-v-nok has a reputation for quality programming and excellent supervision, a wonderful combination!

Maybe I am repeating myself, but when is summer camp for adults? 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Paska, A Break-the-Fast Feast

Paska, Babka, Cheese and Butter, Ham, and Horseradish, and Kovbasa, Green Onions, and Beet-Horseradish, Eggs and Krashanky, and Pysanky!

s.l. 2013
Calgary's Orthodox Christians of Ukrainian ancestry, celebrated the miracle of Easter on May 5, 2013.  It is a most important church event.  After the ritual preparations, fasting and cleaning house, both internally and externally, bringing pussy willows to be sprinkled with Holy Water is a step towards the renewal of Easter.   The Easter Sunday Breakfast Feast is brought to church to be blessed in a basket, breads, cheese, meat, eggs, butter, salt and other items such as pysanky.  Each food item at the Breakfast Feast has layers of meaning. Enjoying this blessed meal is a way of perpetuating the family story, greeting those that came before us, and those that have yet to come, with the news that Christ has Risen.  Visiting the graves to sing the hymns of Easter reminds us that we are all facing the end of our lives. What next?  Is that all there is?  What on earth am I here for? 

I remember my grandmother making a very strange statement to me on the day I was married.  She said I had written myself into the family book.  Of course I had no clue what she meant.  After all these years, I am beginning to have an idea. But it takes a while for it all to sink in!

Maybe it takes repetition, repeated traditions, uncovering layer upon layer of meaning to figure out life?  And lots of moments of personal famine, periods of fasting, waiting, anticipation before the "what next" happens.  It is a wheel, and the journey takes many turns of the wheel - the uphill push and the downhill ease. 

The egg game is always fun,
the egg that stays whole wins,
and so does the person whose egg
is so tough enough to
win the day.  amk2013
The Easter message this spring is all about pruning, trimming off the parts that don't bear fruit, and hoping the new growth will prosper.  Surviving a long life without being pruned or trimmed off the tree of life must mean that the branch has born a lot of fruit - and prospered. And Calgary's Ukrainian community is just like that, too.  The branches that produce fruitful crops continue to take sustenance from the community that has ancestral connections.  And new arrivals to Calgary who want to retain connections with their ancestral roots cluster around the Ukrainian idea.  The idea that one can continue to have a toe-hold in Ukrainian things, worldwide, and live a life of economic prosperity elsewhere is unique. We are here, we are a force for good, our hopes are one.

A lot of Ukrainian Calgarians celebrated Easter today.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ukrainian Sacred Choral Music in Calgary -September 2013

Spiritus Chamber Choir in Dijon, France
Exciting news for Calgary's choral music lovers - especially those whose tastes lean to the Ukrainian Sacred Choral Music tradition.  Calgary's Spiritus Chamber Choir will be performing a program of all Ukrainian Sacred Choral Music on the last weekend of September this fall 2013!  Their program will present Calgary an excellent opportunity to hear some of the masterpieces of Ukrainian Classical Choral Music - especially the work of Artem Vedel' (1767-1808). 

Spiritus Chamber Choir has earned acclaim as a growing presence in the Canadian choral world, and beyond.  www.spirituschamberchoir.ca With this Ukrainian Sacred Choral Music project, Spiritus Chamber Choir, and Calgary's Luminous Voices, led by Artistic Director Tim Shantz will embark on an exciting journey.

The first complete published edition of the autograph manuscript of Artem Vedel' (1767-1808) was published in 2000 (Kyiv, Edmonton,Toronto).  Edited by Wolodymyr Kolesnyk, the publication credits the Ukrainian Music Society of Alberta, V. I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and P. I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine.   An impressive volume, the Divine Liturgy and 12 Sacred Choral Concerti by Artemi Luk'ianovych Vedel'  are considered masterpieces of Ukrainian Classical Choral Music.  ( ISMN N-9001310-0-3)

Father Peter and Tim Shantz
St. Stephen Protomartyr Church
More information to come - but book the last weekend in September 2013 for a wonderful evening of Sacred Ukrainian Choral Music sung by Spiritus Chamber Choir of Calgary.