Monday, 11 June 2012

Euro 2012 -Ukraine over Sweden

If you have been reading or watching the Ukrainian press, the Euro 2012 games are progressing and the sentiment all over Ukrainian and world press is exuberant, in fact the Euro 2012 games are the dominant news force! Ukraine is taking the opportunity to show its beautiful face to the world - Take a look at this great youtube video of Vbolivay - All Stars!

by Mwangi Makarios
by Korrespondent
This all reminds me of a time, some years ago,  when we were in Greece.   I got a glimpse of how Europeans see their sport.  Walking through the streets of Ios (looking to buy a new bikini), I turned a corner and walked into a building, not knowing it was a church.  From the outside, it had no identifying marks, and clearly the structure was only simple.  But I walked in, and read the name plate, which said it this church was older than anything (anything!) in Canada.  A 600 year old church still in constant use.  Well, while I stood there, with my eyes popping from the amazing ikonostasis, a little boy of perhaps 6 years old, dressed in shorts and sneakers, came in holding his soccer ball.  I watched him run towards the ikon wall, say his prayers, and venerate the ikons, just moments went by, and then he scooted out of the church!  An amazing, intimate view of how in Greece, prayers are a real part of people's lives, and blessings are sought in the church even for soccer games.  Impressed me!

Maybe it isn't a surprise that these games have a strong current of "more than soccer" about them. With the Friendly Ukraine initiative, improvements to transportation, lodging, and the building of new stadiums, the entire world is expecting a lot from Poland and Ukraine's hosting of Euro 2012. This could the be the start of something good!

A great Youtube video says it all - We believe! - The efforts of the entire team - looking to the future!

So in the news, photos of Shevchenko dominate, blue and yellow jersey's everywhere, and the faces of happy fans too! This lucky boy is having the time of his life!  

by Inspired

 At today's match Ukraine won over Sweden 2-1 - and Ukraine's Andrij Shevchenko got the two important goals!  Bravo Ukraina!!
Here' a video of the fans in Frankivsk enjoying Ukraine's first win at the Euro 2012

by Kiev
Hope you enjoy watching the games, wherever you may be! 
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