Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Four Season Shrub - Does high bush cranberry grow anywhere in Calgary? Looking for Kalyna!

Ah, Kalyna!  Kalyna is the Ukrainian name for the Highbush Cranberry.  It is a native shrub to most of Canada and has has recently become a more popular shrub in the Calgary area! Considered a four season shrub, it has attractive features to recommend it for each time of the year. 

The Viburnum trilobum is a shrub that the earliest settlers, among them Ukrainian immigrants, found here, and it reminded them instantly of the high bush cranberry kalyna from home! The plant is native to many places in Canada, especially in Alberta - and very attractive as a low maintenance ornamental shrub. It is a medium size shrub growing to 4 metres tall and 2 metres around.  In the late springtime some people call it a snowball bush because of its small bright white clusters of flowers, about 10-15 centimeters wide, that have large, showy sterile flowers, with smaller flowers inside where the pollen, and later the fruit is produced. In late summer or early fall the flowers turn into glowing red clusters of berries that can continue to be picked and preserved all winter long. Viburnum trilobum is especially beautiful in the fall, and depending on the variety the leaves may turn to scarlet red, purple, bronze or orange.
The high bush cranberry - kalyna enjoys moister areas, prefers sun but can tolerate shady areas. Because they are a cross-pollinating plant, planting two or more varieties toether will ensure pollination if you are planning for fruit.   Kalyna looks best in its natural state, but they can be easily pruned back and look very good when planted in groups or as a great hedge.  Picking the berries in late fall, just around the first frost will ensure the ripest, sweetest fruit.

Keeping the berries for a short time in the refrigerator, like other berries and soft fruits is fine, or they may be washed and stemmed, frozen, and used later for cooking or preserving.  Highbush cranberry - kalyna berries are best suited to cooking and processing because they have large, heart shaped seeds in the centre.   Flavourful jelly, juice, syrup, sauce, pie, liqueur and wine can be made from kalyna berries.  

Kalyna plays a huge role in traditional Ukrainian folklore too!


Chervona Kalyna - Veryovka  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_7BCsuL7w4&feature=related

Верба (Біля млина калина)


Кущ калини | Українські застольні пісні 

Oy u luzi chervona kalyna -- Etno hory 134 -- (ukraine music україна)

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