Saturday, 15 June 2013

Bye-Bye Babej!

When you meet someone with whom you are "of one mind", "on the same page",  someone who "gets you", it is often such a heart filling experience.  When this person can be in your life, the life of your family, the life of your children, your organization or community, you feel enriched.  Sometimes these people come, sometimes they go, sometimes they just switch seats with others equally dedicated.  Sometimes it is hard to replace that special someone who contributed to your positivity - and you miss them.

Calgary's Plast Ukrainian Scouts community bids farewell to their Chaplain of 5 years this weekend, with a pot luck supper and evening program, and participation in the Divine Liturgy on Sunday.  I had the opportunity to visit briefly with Father Peter who will leave Calgary's St. Stephen's parish for St. Josephat's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Edmonton.  Happy times in the Plast community have made Calgary a home, if for a brief time.  The cowboy hat, the campfire songs that are a standard it seems in all Plast families, the gentle, embracing humor - it is all part of life in a scouting family - protecting children from the harshness of life while providing them with the embrace of community who believes, like you, that ancestral values, language and culture matter. 
plast calgary2013

Besides his role as Chaplain, Father Peter spent time with the children, of all ages, enjoying roles in campfire games and dramatic plays, simply being a presence - a leader by example. Turns out people enjoy him - and will miss his partcipation at Plast Calgary events. 

Wishing you well Father Peter in your new assignment! 
ps my catchy title comes from specially composed farewell lyrics sung at the program
plast calgary 2013
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