Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Calgary Prays for Ukraine

As so many of you may already be connected in one way or another with Ukraine and the diaspora, it is also possible you are paying attention to the travesty that is their government of late. Months of peaceful public protests that have been ignored or derided by the Yanukovich led government have galvanized people's resolve across Ukraine, the largest country in Europe. Good diaspora, citizens of free nations everywhere in the world, it is time to take up the issue of Ukraine's future. Sourcing information on public media one cannot help but recognize how recent events in Ukraine are unfolding. Since November, and into the last few evenings, the response of "power" to Kyiv's Maidan movement has been horrifying, but Black Tuesday revealed to the world the regime's open, active military action against the people of Ukraine. Numbers vary but thousands appear to have been treated for serious injuries and the sad reality that 30 souls have departed this earth as a result of their government's brutality towards citizens. Escalating tensions are indeed receiving public attention, at huge cost to Ukrainian society it is true. But truth must prevail.

If you haven't yet contacted your elected officials, asking for personal contact to confirm they are actively engaged in representing Canadian values in Ukraine, then please do. Contact the television stations, radio, media and share information. But here in Calgary the community will meet again on Thursday, February 20th to pray together for the fallen, and for wisdom and moral strength to prevail over the next pivotal events in the ancestral homeland of so many Canadians of Ukrainian ancestry. A service is set for 7 p.m.this Thursday in Calgary at Our Lady of the Assumption church on 6th Street N.E.

As a long time Canadian, I am assured by my elected official that Canada is doing everything in its power to affect positive change in Ukraine.   But if everyone you and I know applied pressure on our elected officials, there would come a tipping point when efforts may grow. And there will be a tipping point.

Time is short and the events in Ukraine are pressing. Please take active part as citizens of free and democratic nations everywhere. Slava Ukraini!

Ukrainian expats plan vigil in Calgary following deadly protests

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