Monday, 9 June 2014

Ukrainian Calgary is Two Today!

Today is Ukrainian Calgary's second birthday! As I like to say - happy, healthy mnohi lita!  It has been an adventure learning to blog - and frankly, finding time to blog!  I love it, and am so positively overwhelmed with the readership!  Gotta say, there are fans of Ukrainian Calgary on almost every continent - okay nobody from Antarctica - but there is still opportunity there!

The idea arose from a comment a friend made a while back. Ukrainian people everywhere are extremely good at planning and having great events, but let's face it, we are just not all that savvy at promotions!  When I started this blog, it felt like it was the only chatty promo blog about Ukrainian things.  Since then I have noticed at least a few more interesting blogs about community and events.  And in the last six or so months, that number has burst the seams with information about the social, political and economic realities of Ukrainians in the homeland and here at home. It seem the stories of our ancestral connections continue to nurture us and our families! We like to not only remember, but create energetic connections for our family, culture, tradition and language!  It is, after all, about the relationships we hold dear!

So much has changed in a brief two years, and yet.....  so much yet to accomplish.  Here's to all the unsung heroes who reach out, connect, make bonds of friendship that become often closer than family! Whatever the time, talent or treasure you are sharing with the Ukrainian community, diasporan or in Ukraine, THANK YOU!  You are my family, my dear friends!  And blog on!  
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