Friday, 30 January 2015

Ukrainian Fashion Design

shopping in Lviv!  
Recently the Italian Valentino Fashion House featured a new collection for spring summer - the 2015 designs drew inspiration from the traditional embroidery and clothing items of Eastern Europe. Shoes, embroidered shirts, sleeveless jackets with sheepskin trim, and the traditional shape of a zhupan - a women's over-vest. Guests appreciated the colorful red and black embroidery and the braided hair designs. The explosion of floral embroideries on elegantly styled fashions certainly caught observers by surprise, but why?

Not long ago, while walking in Lviv's attractive arts scene, overwhelmed with the beautiful design, I nonchalantly photographed these amazing boots for sale. They were by far the most interesting adaptations of traditional/modern footwear. I should have bought them on the spot and regret walking past. Alas, my achingly heavy suitcase contained so many treasures there was no room for more. But you can be assured that my next trip will certainly focus on the remarkably beautiful designer fashions being created in Ukraine. Ethnic elements, traditional shapes, designs, so feminine, and luxurious - just have to get there soon!!

ps can you recommend any online shopping for these types of fashions?

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