Thursday, 26 March 2015

Conducting Workshop 2015

Recently I spoke with a group of young people who noticed the cherubim and seraphim angels in the church - many winged, many eyes, but no body.  What job do they have?  To sing!  Simply to sing to the heavens!

Anyone who can breathe can sing, and should!  But joining voices together in community - well that takes talent and training!  So it is tremendously opportune that the Ukrainian Music Society of Alberta is again hosting a Choral Conductor's Seminar! The treasury of choral music, the synergy of voices energized to with purpose - well that is a classy combination - don't you think!.

As a chorister, an aspiring musician, an instrumentalist who admires the human voice - what greater treasure can there be than to develop the skill to lead - to conduct - to blaze trail and shape the voices that "simply sing!"

Please share this invitation widely, the Ukrainian Music Society of Alberta has a great reputation for quality, and so have the esteemed instructors of this valuable course - an equal opportunity for all!  
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