Thursday, 19 September 2013

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Can you believe it is 80 years since the Holodomor?

Since the epic "death by starvation" of Stalinist days in Ukraine during the 1930's spent such a long time in "enforced silence", there is so much ignorance on this truly historic tragedy in the world. The time to Share the Story is long upon us!

In the 1930's, Joseph Stalin was the dominant force in the Soviet Union's aggressive plan to reshape Soviet society. A massive bureaucracy enforced comprehensive collectivization, an economic strategy which was to bring all agriculture under state control. Nearly unlimited power was granted to this bureaucracy as they expropriated property, eliminated households, frequently using secret police, prisons, political repression, arrests, deportations and executions to affect their goals. The policies led to mass starvation and the death of at least 7-10 million people. The hugely important facts around such intentional human cruelty must receive public attention! Unfortunately history tends to repeat itself unless we truly demand a higher standard of conduct among ourselves, our communities, our nations, and in international relationships! Knowledge is indeed power!

The stories of Holodomor survivors are being featured on a web site at, One story is being posted daily for 80 days leading up to the International Holodomor Memorial Day on November 23, 2013. The Kyiv-based newspaper Kyiv Post has also joined the promotion effort, and you can visit their site at Another media sponsor posting the testimonies on their site is RFE/RL (Radio Svoboda) at

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