Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ukie Summer School 2014!

Polovetsian warrior, Kyivan Rus' era,
Feodosia Museum, Ukraine
Looking for a hero?  Looking for opportunities to dream, rise to a new plateau of understanding, and aspire to the heights of human experience?  LOOK NO FURTHER!

The creative legacy of  OSVITA, the exceptional summer Ukrainian language and cultural immersion program may be for you!

OSVITA, the exceptional Ukrainian summer school program designed for deep, enriching experiences in inter-cultural understanding, is a superlative way to engage with learning. Immersion activities embedded in the rhythms of folk life, the language, culture, cuisine are but a glimpse into the collective memory, the ancestral ways. And the trajectory of Ukrainian life with its European and global presence is changing by the minute.   With at least 1.3 million Canadians of Ukrainian ancestry, and at least 20 million in the Ukrainian diaspora, and on every continent, each holds the heroes of their ancestry dear. Real people aspiring to overcome challenges in their personal lives, we all marvel at the wisdom and resilience of the ancestral stories.  Change and adaptation are everywhere, but it is clear that promoting pluri-lingualism from within our Ukrainian community is a fabulous way to shape the world, to contribute to world peace.

Innovation and optimism are the by-words for the OSVITA program which has been connecting people and communities for decades.  Building kindred relationships from Buenos Aires, Brazil, Berlin, London, Istanbul, and Chicago, and of course places like Myrnam, Alberta - OSVITA makes Ukrainian relevant in an international way.  Self-aware, optimistic, forward thinking, and incredibly able to enrich young lives with deep and comprehensive ties with the land of their ancestry, OSVITA should be on your young person's summer plan!

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ps-my daughter went twice and still talks about her amazing experiences at OSVITA!

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