Friday, 14 March 2014

Praying for Truth in Calgary-March 16

Фото: Volodymyr Kukhtevych
Ukrainian flag over Historic City Hall in Calgary
March 7-16, 2014
Manipulation of events happening in Ukraine border on the absurd lately. As a Canadian, aware of my citizen rights and responsibilities, it astounds me to hear a foreign power blatantly state their military forces may occupy a portion of Ukraine, and the world should simply stay quiet. And when a foreign entity decides to hold a referendum on sovereign land, by the point of a gun, the world should, again, stay quiet.

The children of Ukraine and her international diaspora understand and respect that the rule of law stands to protect the peace, protect life, protect property and agreements that bind civil society. That is, perhaps why many have emigrated to lands where law and order abide. That is why, in these early spring days in Calgary, the Ukrainian community is again gathering to stand in solidarity with Ukraine in her struggle to enter a new future, one designed and selected by her law abiding citizens!

Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi and the city administration have approved the flying of Ukraine's flag over our beautiful city this week to honor the Ukrainian people during the Sochi Paralympic games - from March7-16th, 2014.. This symbolic act of solidarity with freedom loving people should give hope and confidence to people all over the world that Canada stands for peace, for civil society, for honoring of laws and responsible citizenship.

I understand that Montreal's multi-ethnic community recently gathered in similar fashion, joining Syrian, Georgian, Tatar, Muslim, Jewish, Venezuelan, Lithuanian, Polish and other communities, in a huge outpouring of mutual support for those whose homeland has been negatively affected by their "interesting" relationship with Ukraine's north eastern neighbour. Let us, Calgarians, in similar fashion, stand together in solidarity for truth, dignity, the rule of law, and the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of freedom aspiring nations.

Citizens for a better world, please join Calgary in prayer for Ukraine's sovereignty on Sunday, March 16th at 4PM in front of Calgary's Historic City Hall at 700 Macleod Trail SE. More information from Ukrainian Canadian Congress President Robert Kalinovich at 403-703-4425 or Halia Wilson at 403-512-2263.
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