Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Twenty First Century Citizens

Khmelnytsky monument in Kyiv amk2013
The recent events in Ukraine have left me speechless lately.  Like many, I am astounded by the audacity of Ukraine's neighborhood bully.  And the constantly changing scenario fluctuates moment by moment.  So what is true?

Ukraine's relationship with her north eastern partner has been the source of much angst and bloodshed over the centuries. Her patient people have shared, collaborated and created a community of solidarity that stands on the principle of truth. The Ukrainian idea, while expressed in cultural artifacts, songs and dance, is truly about that beautiful ideal. There is a time for everything, for dancing, singing, weaving, planting, and harvesting, ...and yet a droplet of energy properly expended can change everything.
Pereyaslav Khmelnytsky Museum amk2013

Families love their children, children continue to care for their elders in a cycle of mutual love, care and concern - family values matter.  Even when a person departs this physical earth, the continued presence of the 'saints' who have gone to prepare a place for us lingers.  The smells, sights, sounds and remembrances of times past nurture the coming generations.  This is culture.

And so when new generations everywhere contribute improvements to science, communication, medical care and other needs, it is a direct response of care and love for the coming generations.  When a loved one's life is at risk, or in need, the family/community/nation steps in with assistance - we are all one interconnected family.  We may not always admit, but it has always been so. When the earliest travellers stepped into the world, they carried personal honor, truth and principles, trust and reciprocity as their "cultural baggage", and it included poetry, lyrics and histories that nurtured and sustained them through ethical challenges and dangerous times.
Shevchenko Museum in Kaniv amk2013

So when the principled actions of intelligent, patient people in Ukraine over these past months are assessed by the world media, the one consistent message is that these are a very informed and cultured people who care deeply about their land. No longer left in political, social and economic isolation, the twenty first century citizen of Ukraine is crowd sourcing, collaborating, and responding to a system that has cheated them of a real future for so long. Armed with the truth, it hasn't taken long for people to see when rules have been manipulated in a cheating game.  It is Ukraine's gift of patience and fortitude that has made them respond to the smell of tyranny, to stand witness to a manipulative bully, and to speak truth to the power which once held them ransom.

In these changing times, I hope the world continues to be ruled by love, truth and honest family values and that the Golden Rule applies to everyone, including Ukraine.  Who will stand to get the bully and his gang off the field?

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