Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Euromaidan YYC

Many years ago in 1991 when Ukraine gained its independence from the USSR, a Calgary news reporter came to Calgary's Sadochok and asked to interview me. The question was, if Ukraine is now independent, will I "go back"? I was shocked at the question, being of Canadian citizenship, four generations of being Canadian! The question seemed to hinge on the confusion between patriotism, and nationalism. How could one be a patriot of Canada, and care deeply for one's ancestral homeland? Perhaps social media continues to wrestle with this question.

For an intensely interesting view of Tomas Rafa's #Euromaidan YYC film, Calgary's Military Museum is hosting a photo/video exhibit about the Ukrainian EuroMaidan this month and until December 15, 2014. Great cinematography and fascinating ideas about heroism in the times of the Maidan.

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