Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ukrainian Maidan First Anniversary

Eye of the Theotokos,  Artifact in the Chersonesus Taurica Museum
possibly the eye that observed Volodymyr's baptism
Each new year brings endless opportunities, adventures, and sometimes moments of heroism. Life is truly a strapped-in, rip roaring journey, a passage from one reality to a more mature one. Racing through life brings new perceptions, ideas, and intuitions, but this amazing year has fulfilled every thrill-seeker's ride - especially for Ukraine and Ukrainians.  People in Ukraine may not be feeling so excited, perhaps actually feeling more intimidated, or even terrified as the year anniversary after Maidan approaches, but it is evident that the world is aware!! Ukraine has set its westward course, complete with expectations that the world will respect its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, which most countries have done, except perhaps one.

But imagine what is actually being accomplished, because the sum total of a lot of little accomplishments is indeed a growing number!  Who exercised power in Ukraine over these past 3 centuries?  Who is now exercising power?  And by all means, I mean information power is resting decisively more clearly in the hands of average people - the world over.  Are you not reading social media, an English blog, written by a Calgarian of 4th generation Ukrainian ancestry?

Either Ukraine is living out someone else's dream for her, or she is setting her own course. Ukrainians have stood up, in the hundreds of thousands, responding to corruption, oppression, intimidation, terrorism.  Each spontaneously contributing energy, information and outrage, surrounding themselves with friends with a contagious can-do attitude.  

Ancient ancestors needed to be fast enough, smart enough, courageous enough to survive famine, plague, predators and terrible natural and/or political contrived disasters.  So the people who continue to self identify with Ukraine and her continuing saga are actually the most successful survivors in a long line of threats to her identity, culture, language and self concept.  To paraphrase any number of Ukrainian folk songs, one cannot choose ones ancestry.  But it is possible to affirm that the next moments, days, months and years will predict Ukraine's future in a way never experienced before. 

Maidan forever changed Ukraine.  Blessings and protection resonate from the ancient past, and I am absolutely certain the future is sending back good wishes and waiting with open arms!  Where will Ukraine be in 5 years?  
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