Sunday, 27 May 2012

1988 Celebrations

Way back in 1988, there was a grand and wonderful celebration here in Canada to mark the thousand years since the Christian Baptism of Ukraine in 988.  Back then, the Great Kniaz Volodymyr of Kievan Rus', took his countrymen on a great journey into the Christian world - as an official and Princely decision for his people.  Having studied the great religions of the time, Volodymyr chose for his people.  He commanded all his loyal followers to walk into the waters of the Dnipro River where the people were immersed in the water and received Holy Baptism - which was a game changer for the entire nation.  Taking on a Christian mission proved extremely beneficial for the Rus' society of the time, literacy rose, education flourished, their economic ties with the world flourished, societal norms rose, and the world's royalty sought familial ties with Volodymyr's dynasty.  History is an interesting thing, so much changes over time, but in Canada, in 1988, there were grand celebrations of this historic event a thousand years previous.  Time to take a look back - enjoy!
from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Volodymyr, formerly in Vegreville, but now at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village east of Edmonton (Alberta Provincial)

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