Monday, 21 May 2012

Euro 2012

Friends of ours are flying to Ukraine soon for the Euro 2012 Soccer Event this spring.   It's actually the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship being hosted by Poland and Ukraine. The entire world will be there, to cheer on the best soccer players.

Our friends sound so excited about the experience! Quite the soccer fans, you know.  I heard they are staying with family friends, but are planning to take the new fast train between tournament events, from Kyiv, and to see the teams play in Donetsk. That new stadium there sounds great - imagine the sea of blue and yellow jerseys and the crowds cheering.  I hope the games go well and everyone has a great time.  Wish I could go. 

Just heard in the news that there is a Friendly Ukraine initiative by some very community minded people there in Kiev.  Hospitality is the main point of their initiative - they want the world to see the friendly, generous nature of the average people there.  They are taking the opportunity to coordinate community efforts to help the games be successful.  In doing so, they hope to bring positive publicity to the efforts of average Ukrainian people to help international guests with their visit plans. Modest room accomodations, airport pickups, translation services and guided tours for fans are being offered by this positively minded group.  They plan to offer these services free -  I hope they have a lot of success and get a lot of publicity for the lovely people doing good things for Ukraine.  Maybe it's not too late to get tickets?  Good luck on the Euro 2012 initiative!!

Cool Euro videos from Ukraina...

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