Wednesday, 22 August 2012

2012 National Black Ribbon Day August 23

The Central and Eastern European Council of Canada, representing nearly 4 million Canadians of European heritage, have announced plans to commemorate National Black Ribbon Day on August 23, 2012 in cities across Canada. 

The resolution declaring Black Ribbon Day to honor and remember the victims of Communism and Nazism in Europe was passed unanimously in Canada's Parliament in November 2009.  This day commemorates and brings international attention and understanding of the plight of the nations whose diaspora (eminating from Central and Eastern European communities) settled this vast, freedom loving, democratic Canada.

Evening ecumenical services are planned for Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal (I haven't heard about any such service planned for Calgary yet, but please share any information you have with the readers of this blog in the comment box below.)

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