Monday, 13 August 2012

By the Campfire

Help us raise funds for "При Ватрі," a commemorative CD for Plast's 100th anniversary, with the objective of giving each UMPZ participant a CD.

In August 2012, over 2,500  Plastuny will meet from around the world in Ukraine to celebrate the organization’s 100th anniversary. Over the years, life in Plast has been marked by songs that describe the life and activities of Plastuny.

The Lviv stanytsia of Plast, founded in 1995 and boasting some 2,000 members, has produced a commemorative recording in honor of the 100 Anniversary of Plast, called "При Ватрі," with the objective of giving each UMPZ participant a free copy of a CD that they may bring home and listen to with friends and family in all corners of the world. For many, this will be the first recording of Plast songs that they will own. The proceeds from this project will benefit the Lviv stanytsia.

*** Donate Today! ***

The organizers of this recording need your financial support in making this project a reality. Since Plast kurini from around the world have already spent considerable sums for the logistics of UMPZ, the Lviv stanytsia needs to raise an additional $6,000 in the next two weeks (before mid August) in order to pay for the manufacturing of 2,500 Plast 100th anniversary commemorative CDs.

This last minute appeal is a result of insufficient funding from donors in Ukraine, and the organizers are turning to Plastuny around the world to step in and help out, to make the CD a reality. Donations are also accepted on the Yevshan site.

As a thank-you gift for your donation, The Lviv Stanytsia (via Yevshan) will send you:

1 Commemorative “Pry Vatri” CD for a $25 donation -
5 Commemorative “Pry Vatri” CDs for a $100 donation $100 -
20 Commemorative “Pry Vatri” CDs for a $250 donation $250 -

The Lviv stanytsia has given Yevshan Communications Inc. from Canada the responsibility of distributing the recordings to donors from around the world.
Please take a moment to "like" this project on Facebook, and Tweet this information to your Plast friends and family. Information on how to donate funds will be up shortly.

*** To contact the organizers in Ukraine regarding this project, please email Oksana Mukha at

The Lviv stanytsia's contact info:
address: м. Львів, вул. Шептицьких 16, 79016
telephone/fax: (032) 23-888-26    

More info about Plast

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Listen to a montage from the CD here:

"При Ватрі"

CD track listing:
1          Табір  (відкриття табору)
2          Цвіт України і краса
3          Гей пластуни, гей юнаки
4          Горить Ватра
5          Гей там у горах високих
6          Марш 23 куреня, загону Червоної калини
7          Вставай Сонце
8          Лицарський Хрест
9          Гей Скобе!
10        Гей - гу , гей – га, таке то в нас життя
11        Найкращі дівчата
12        Казав мені в лісі
13        Чи знаєш ти, найкращу в світі пісню
14        Гав – гу , вовки!
15        Гей мандрують пластуни
16        Зірки мигтять
17        При ватрі
18        Ніч вже йде, за верхи
Total run time: 50 minutes

Виконавці : 2 , 3 – Солісти академічної чоловічої хорової капели «Дударик» та Оксана Муха,  5 – “Samplе Rate” & ”RIZUPS”,  6  -“Screamers”,  7 - «Нічлава», 8 – «Тартак»- Олександр Положинський, 9 – «От Вінта», 10 - Тарас Чубай, 11, 12 -  Назар Омельчук,  13, 14, 15, 16 – Оксана Муха, 17 – Квітка Цісик,18 – Андрій Наконечний
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