Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Freedom of the Press - In Canada

Freedom of the media is a dear and treasured part of our western thinking. Protected by law, citizens have a right to speak and be heard.  As nation builders, Ukrainian Canadians have contributed a lot of backbone, hard labour, community institutions, cultural and educational treasures, as well as a trustworthy citizenry. 
Ukrainian Canadian radio and television programs have done much to support community,  Canadian community.  Protecting these media channels is important for all Canadians. 
Recently OMNI/Rogers cancelled the Ukrainian television programs Svitohlad and Objekty. A community session to discuss OMNI's cuts and various possibilities for new programming has been scheduled in Toronto for the 16th of August, 8PM (Toronto time) in the Foyer of Trident Hall, UNF, 145 Evans Ave, Toronto, ON.
As participants in this great Canadian democracy, your voice is is a welcome contributor to assist in developing a viable Ukrainian television program.  Those of us outside Toronto may call in to the community session via Telephone Conferencing at the numbers listed below. 
Local Ottawa 613-212-9004
Local Vancouver Dial-in Number: (604) 630 0213
Local Calgary Dial-in Number: (403) 770 0861
Local Edmonton Dial-in Number: (780) 701 5553
Local Winnipeg Dial-in number: (204) 272 6780
Local Toronto Dial-in Number: (416) 342 1900
Participant Code: 8036406

Should you wish to speak directly with the President of the National Ukrainian Canadian Congress, please consider the information below. 
Paul Grod, LL.B., MBA President
Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Direct (905) 625-9900 ext 225
National Office (613) 232-8822
Head Office (204) 942-4627
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