Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dance Workshop in Central and Southern Ukraine 2013

Alberta's Ukrainian Dance community is a pretty connected group!  Can you imagine, there are over 20 Ukrainian Dance Festivals planned for the upcoming sprung and summer seasons in 2013 alone, and these are only the ones in our Western Canadian -can drive there ourselves-locations! That must mean thousands of little Ukrainian dancers, all learning to cherish the ancestral traditions, culture, and community of similar thinkers.

Such a unique form of expression, but perhaps not as appreciated as it should be!  Over the decades, this cultural phenomenon has grown, embraced by generations of Canadians.  Consider that it is only a recent phenomenon to send students on dance courses to Ukraine.  How did the tradition take such a firm hold on the "extra-curricular time" of hundreds of families?

One of the foremost heroes of the Ukrainian Canadian Dance experience has to be Vasyl Avramenko, who first came to Calgary to teach in the mid1930's.  More about him later,but....

For now, opportunity is knocking for today's Ukrainian Dancers.  Cobblestone Freeway is hosting a tour to Ukraine this June 10-23, 2013 with the purpose of enriching the Ukrainian Dance experience for Canadians dancers.  With opportunities to visit fascinating regions including Kyiv, Poltava, Zaporizhia (home of the Cossack tradition), and workshop rehearsals with the renowned Virsky Ensemble, it will be an ethnographically full and stimulating experience.  Museum visits, children's ensembles, followed by relaxing time on the shore of the beautiful Black Sea, guests will train with teachers, choreographers and specialists in Ukrainian dance.

If you consider the Ukrainian Dance experience your passion, contact them at www.cobblestonefreeway.ca or at 780-436-7482.

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