Friday, 18 January 2013

Ukrainian New Years - Rick Mercer Style

Rick Mercer Report
Once again, Canada spreads its arms wide to recognize and embrace its historic ancestry! It isn't very long ago that Ukrainians arrived on Canada's fair shores to settle in agrarian communities across the western prairies. My how things have changed in these past 120 years, or have they?

Canada now has the third largest population of people of Ukrainian ancestry in the world. I recently heard an Alberta Member of the Legislative Assembly assert that one on four Albertans is of Ukrainian ancestry.

Ukrainian is everywhere, from pyrogies to cabbage rolls, from the giant pysanka in Vegreville, to the Toronto Ukrainian festival on Bloor.

This week, Canada's emissary of humor is visiting Saskatoon to participate in the local Ukrainian New Year celebrations - let's call it MALANKA!  He looks good in the embroidered winter wear of the Ukrainian tradition, eh!

Also, Rick bundles up and braves the elements to go ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba

Be sure to catch it on CBC on Tuesday January 22nd at 8PM (8:30 NL). or here
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