Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Keeping Track of Time

Memorable events, times of regret, happy days, but none like the present!  How to be "present", stay in moment, and yet understand it is "just" a moment?  Seize the day! Carpe diem! 

So many events happen on a regular cycle - birthdays, anniversaries, weekends, feast days, holidays - why is it that we still need to mark them on the calendar? 

If we were just a bit more attentive to the rhythms of nature perhaps the blooming crocus, the first tulips, the first buds of spring, a whiff of ancient smoke might creep deep into our psyche and refresh the spirit! Keeping pace with the fluff of daily living, are we missing the eternal heartbeat of home?

Visual reminders everywhere, lists of duties and responsibilities, all prioritized, externally driven.  Time is so fleeting, there comes a time when the imposing clamour of contemporary living gets to be oppressive! But soft, tender as a fleeting memory, in an instant, an image can remind us to breathe.  All the whispered endearments in the "forever memories" of our lineage patiently wait to be heard.  Time to "keep with the culture".  And recently this beautiful one appeared in my collection!

Beautifully photographed exponents from the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, bearing tons of cultural insight, now grace the pages of a new calendar.  The only place in southern Alberta to get this beautifully photographed calendar of edifying wisdom is from the kiosk at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada - Calgary Collection at 403-264-3437.  A sister museum in Toronto has just released this beautifully photographed calendar - I am sure that Darcia Moskaluk-Rutkay the UWAC Provincial President for Eastern Canada must be thrilled with the new release.  Just lovely.

For more information contact 
The Ukrainian Museum of Canada - Ontario Branch
621 Spadina Ace., Toronto, Ontario  M5S 2H4
Telephone:416-923-3318 ext. 105 Fax: 416-923-8266
Email: museum@stvladimir.ca  Web site: www.umcontario.com
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