Thursday, 4 July 2013

"Blahovist" was in Calgary June 30,2013

How fortunate for Calgarians!  "Good News" - the "Blahovist'" Choir of Toronto's Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Protection shared the responses to the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, June 30th at St. Stephen Protomartyr Ukrainian Catholic Church 4903-45 Street S.W.  Calgarians welcomed time to worship together with friends and "odnodumtsi" from Toronto this weekend.  
The male and female church choir "Blahovist' was established in September 2008 at the Church Of The Holy Protection Ukrainian Catholic Church in Toronto by deacon Serhiy Danko. The youth choir is composed by, both professional and amateur musicians. Among the team members one can meet conductors, opera singers, graduates of various musical institutions, members of the famous Lviv choir ˮ Dudaryk ˮ, school teachers, students, programmers, drivers, etc. They all share the love of sacred music and the desire to sing the glory of God. The choir not only sings during the Divine Liturgy, but also takes part in the secular and religious events that take place among the Ukrainian community of Toronto.

The repertoire of the choir - Mykola Leontovich's Liturgy and Andriy Hnatyshyn, hymns and carols by Ukrainian composers of classical and contemporary authors, Lenten Canons, Andrew of Crete, Resurrection Matins with Canon Artem, Vedel, weddings, etc..

The conductor Olesya Konyk is a graduate of the Lviv Conservatory. Through her perseverance and efforts the choir is ever-expanding their repertoire. The young people come to the choir for liturgical singing and find like-minded people here, spending leisure time together, singing songs, enjoying time together.

Sorry that I missed it, so I am counting on my readers for more info.  
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