Friday, 19 July 2013

Maple Leaf Projects 2013

A while ago I mentioned the good work Maple Leaf Projects is doing helping girl orphans with getting a trade outside of the sex trade, in Ukraine. Pauline Lysak is asking you set the date Saturday, October 19th into your calendar for a special speaker, Victor Malarek, who will address the issue of human trafficking, and how it affects Albertans too! Fascinating statistics prove we are not doing enough to combat this huge human rights issue, here in our free and affluent Alberta, much less the huge world where women are vulnerable!

Intimidation is a huge issue for women.  Being prepared for the stressors in life is complex enough in the "enlightened"  civilized/western/progressive-thinking world much less the complexity women face in more "fundamentalist" inclined places.  Economic pressure, social stigma, marital strife, these build pressure in a woman's life, exterminating her huge potential for changing the world through the care and nurture of healthy children. Her potential is the issue, she could be so much more! I personally am glad to take a small part in lending a hand up to my women-friends in the world.  I hope you will contribute your time, care, and effort towards ending human trafficking, especially in Alberta, but everywhere in the world.  Please share this event with our sisters-by-another-mother everywhere!
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