Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ukrainian Language for Teens, Adults and Seniors

Some of my earliest memories have to do with connecting with family and honoring my ancestors.  By this I mean being Ukrainian in a North American culture, the photographic memory of my life is a tumble of embroideries, dancing, tastes and smells, traditions and events that brought family together. Holidays, embraces of young and old were all opportunities for conversation with and about those who were separated from us by time and distance.  Remembered by name, or by ritual, with laughter or tears, family stories and anecdotes never translated well.  Each time I heard the stories another layer of onion skin was removed as more profound and poignant meaning was revealed.  Simple words, but oh, so much more.

Like many North Americans of Ukrainian heritage, the language has adapted to my circumstance - and it is changing from generation to generation.  Actively engaging with the world, culture, history and tradition, I realize how rich having the language feels.  Communicating better is important for travel, for genealogical studies, for culture awareness, for understanding family and partners in life - and it has its own intrinsic value - it is positive and good.  

The Ukrainian Language Classes for Adults at St. Andrew's is a member of the International Heritage Languages Association.  Their interesting style of instruction, affordable classes, entertaining cultural arts experiences are all designed to improve language learning, reading and writing too.  Register alone, register with a friend,  register with your partner in life - enhance that deep feeling of togetherness with a Ukrainian language class this season! 

There will be approximately 24 classes from September 18, 2013 to March 19, 2014 on Wednesday evenings in Edmonton.  Check the site at  or call 780-469-1463.

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