Wednesday, 25 December 2013

And the Light Will Shine

This wonderful season of goodwill is full of hope!  Traditional church chants of Christmas tell intriguing stories of schooled wise men of old who pursued the light, leaving the shameful ways of the past, and bridging the divide for others.  They simply followed the star. The light enticed them, they studied it, and discovered they didn't need sooth sayers, fraud, manipulation or coersion to pursue their glorious future.  The old strictures, hopeless rules and tyranny of the past was simply over.  They had seen the light.

Ukrainians who have taken to the streets in recent weeks say they want to see a better-governed, less corrupt and politically liberal country, more closely aligned with its western neighbours. The champions of this brilliant idea believe the consuming sooty darkness that has obstructed the light potentially shining through the window must simply be washed away. Persevering in its destiny with the future, the Ukrainian Maidan is now well into its second month of purposeful direction.  The Maidan is embracing everyone equally, converting the talents and services so generously shared into a sparkling opportunity for civic engagement. People's hearts are being softened, their stories are being shared, the sorrows and hurts are being heard.  It is a healing time.  People are energized, even when their lives, the lives of those with whom they have the most staunchly shared oneness of purpose, are threatened, or even worse - taken. The Ukrainian Maidan is challenging the ill-tempered representatives of the dark with light, truth and dignity. And though the dark may seem to win at times, the precious gift of Christmas is The Light!   

Someday, not in the too distant future, the light will shine through the Ukrainian nation and there will be change.  Change that will require constant vigilance, dogged determination, bravery and light.  The people who have joined together over the course of this mission driven engagement, this service of honour on the Maidan, will be proud to say they threw back the curtains and washed the windows.  Ukraine's future is bright, and her legacy will shine!

Разом ми це переживемо

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