Friday, 13 December 2013

In the Days Before Christmas on the Euromaidan

Since the night of November 21st, Kyiv residents and the citizens of Ukraine have gathered for protest demonstrations on the public spaces, called the Maidan.  People of character, the world over, through social media and live stream channels have witnessed, astounded at the mass scale of this continuing event.

At the very core of  Euromaidan is an idea, a declaration of independence, a declaration of values. Citizens of Ukraine are fed up with kleptocratic government leadership whose gargantuan appetites have impoverished the state treasury at huge risk to Ukraine's sovereignty.  After a 360 year experimental allegiance with its northern partner, Ukraine's Maidan participants are voicing their preference for a western, democratic value system, they will not be held in bondage to a system of government that closes its eyes to fraud and embezzlement at the highest levels, and allows excessively burdensome "deals" which strip the state of funds necessary for building a prosperous future for Ukraine's children. The decision to stand, in quiet, peaceful civil disobedience, to protect their future is both simple as that, and powerful as that!

Safely protected under laws designed to guard the personal freedoms of its citizens, I am blessed by instant access to quality information which informs me, enlightens my perspective.  In the closed world of darkness, many people are yet to share my values and privileges.   Thankfully, in anticipation of the Good News, lights are aglow at the Winter Festival display in Calgary's Confederation Park, where Khrystos Razhdayetsia is only one of the emblazoned messages brightly shining over the golf course below. Sharing video clips from around the globe, citizens of the world express hope, faith, and attest to the message Peace on Earth, Good Will to All!  And the world waits with bated breath for a peaceful resolution to the amazingly intense stand-off on the Maidan in Ukraine.

Representatives of the International Community caution powerful forces at the Round Table Discussions to wisdom, to apply universal values, reason and knowledge in the determination of Ukraine's future course, as expressed by the citizen electors.  In the cold days before Christmas, the brave citizens of Ukraine, and an international host of honest people know that the face of tyranny speaks loudest in the darkness.  The good news is, the people on the Maidan know they are not alone at all, not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly indifferent - for this is the time chosen.  May the Light shine over all!

A familiar but new idea for Schedryk - the familiar Carol of the Bells 

In the days before Christmas - both beautiful and moving
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