Saturday, 28 December 2013

Unity of Purpose

Diversity is Calgary's pride, the international origins of its citizenry make Calgary the third most diverse city in Canada. The ethnic diversity, visible and non visible minorities, linguistic plurality, political inclinations, and economic responses are simply the fabric of society, with effective channels through which to influence public policy through democratically elected officials. This is the stuff of dreams in many societies the world over.

Millennia of aboriginal histories, westward expansion, contemporary histories, the boom-town opportunities, and the cultural accumulations of all its citizenry all play a part in the drama of Calgary. Even the memory of the Calgary flood of 2013 will have a place in the folklore of this place! It's a young city, but the themes running through Calgary's historical narrative are rather practical ones - how to create a place for the achievement of one's dreams!

On the Maidan in Kyiv and elsewhere people take pride in medieval Kyivan Rus, the memory of early modern Cossack republics, the national poet Taras Shevchenko. They share grief about the millions of victims of the Stalinist famines of 1932-33, and a common indignation that their life's work continues to feed a usurper's purpose. The big story items are largely uncontentious! People are largely of one common thought! It's all about creating a place to achieve one's dreams! Strikingly uncharacteristic for international mass demonstrations, though the rallies have been estimated between 800 thousand to a million citizens, there is a peace, levity and humor at the Maidan, which can only be described as supernatural. In many ways, international observers may only now be recognizing the Maidan's organic purpose in treating the accumulated adrenal fatigue of a people long under chronic stress.  The protests have a moral character, healing touch, and this non-violent national uprising has already convinced Ukrainians of their power to change their situation.

But after a month or more of protests, though this tour de force of emotional and physical exhilaration has galvanized common purpose among Ukraine's diverse citizenry, there is more yet to accomplish!  Discipline, patience and timing is everything when considering the government politicians whose purposes are far more sultry. With the increase in physical threats, and use of violence to keep the protesters spinning, the government forces do a great dishonor to their citizenry.  At which point will the Ukrainian Maidan protests accumulate the weight of world opinion, political pressure, and citizen engagement in sufficient force to effectively tip the agenda for the Ukrainian state?  
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