Friday, 20 July 2012

Calgary's "Zhyto" at Toronto Ukrainian Festival (September 14-16,2012)

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, Ukrainian Calgary has contributed in some small way to the successful rise in  musicianship for some of our young community members.  Support, enthusiasm, appreciative audience!  But we all know it it the dedication of family and the home that helps children get a footing in life.  Still, this Calgary Ukrainian village has for years enjoyed watching Cathy and Bill's kids grow up and become the generous people they are!  Amazing musicians with big hearts, and enthusiasm to share!   Raised in a Ukrainian Calgary home, the violinist and her brother have gathered friendships and together formed a great band that now gains accolades across the country!  The last time I saw them was in Edmonton and the kids kept the dance hall hopping until all hours - but a friend in Chicago heard them and loves them too!  I suspect their list of performances has grown considerably in the past few years - time to check out their website!  You can also find them on Facebook. 
Formed in the fall of 2008, Zhyto brings together musicians and sounds of every style, including jazz, rock and classical to create a unique sound in the Western Canadian polka scene. With such versatility, Zhyto is as comfortable playing the polka favorites everyone knows and loves, as well as english hits, both new and old.

Toronto's Ukrainian Festival really knows how to pick their bands!  Calgary's own "Zhyto" is playing for the September annual Ukrainian festival on Bloor West Village - great east west community building!

If you haven't planned for January of 2013 - maybe you should!

This is the same band that will play at PLAST Calgary's Malanka in January of 2013.  See you there!!
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