Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Debut Album for Zhyto - Calgary's Ukrainian Zabava Band

Another reason to celebrate Zhyto!

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The traditional melodies and rhythms of a people's music contain deeply embedded reflections of the language and culture of its origin.  Kodaly said it, Kolessa said it, Bartok and probably a whole lot of other music people too.  That is why Ukrainian music is so dear to Ukrainian Calgary. And when young people love it, and sing the lyrics to tell the stories, there are a million reasons why that is good!

"Zhyto" is a Ukrainian Zabava band based in Calgary, Alberta. Actually the root word probably says "life" too. To live, to enjoy, to prosper, to pass it forward!!  The group brings together flavors of rock, dance, pop and classical into Ukrainian folk music to create a sound entirely their own. Delighting audiences across Canada, the band has an uncanny way of understanding their audience needs, and delivering high energy performances that make guests very happy.  Excellent communicators, with great stage chemistry, Zhyto is a young band with an already impressive list of satisfied festivals and zabava audiences.  http://www.reverbnation.com/zhyto

Zhyto is proud to be releasing their debut album on Friday, August 3rd at the 2012 Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival at Selo Ukraina in Dauphin Manitoba.  www.cnuf.com 
If you haven't been at the festival yet, perhaps this is the year!!

If you are in Calgary or Edmonton, you could catch a ride on the OHUCS Dauphin Bus Tour and party the entire trip there and back! 
Photo: It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Join our bus tour from Alberta to Canada's National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, MB.

Later in August, Zhyto will also perform at Ukrainian Day at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village east of Edmonton.  See you there!!

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