Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Alberta Summer Ukrainian Dance Programs 2012

Chelsie Dowler/Rocky View Weekly
Chelsie Dowler/Rocky View Weeklly
Ukrainian dance sisters, Kassidy and Kierra Bayda pose in costumes they wore at the Southern Alberta Ukrainian Dance Festival, March 17, at Bert Church Theatre. http://www.airdriecityview.com/article/20120314/ACV0302/303149955/0/acv
Both my daughters participated in Ukrainian dancing, but it seems I missed the Southern Alberta Ukainian Dance Festival this year!  In the past I recall great performances, super adjudicators, family and friends all there to pass on a love of Ukrainian dance, a love of Ukrainian culture, the community of Ukrainian friends!  Even now one of my daughters' friends is a girl she danced with a while back. 
The story goes this way.  My daughter and her friend were the silly girls in Ukrainian dancing, couldn't stop talking.  Had fun!  Enjoyed the learning, but really enjoyed the company.  So they danced into their teens, but couldn't remember when they met.  My daughter was looking at photos from when she was very little.  Turns out this friend was a little girl from my daughter's first Ukrainian dancing lessons, when she was a preschooler!  Turns out that the friendships you make through Ukrainian dancing are frequently the ones that follow you through life. 
If you haven't yet filled your August with Ukrainian Camp ideas, here is another one that is sure to please your young Ukrainian Dancer!!  ALTANETS'!  For summer dance workshops featuring exceptionally qualified dance teachers from Ukraine, this is Alberta's tops!  Teachers are members of this Canadian Ukrainian Dance Academy (http://www.cudacademy.com/) with a proven dance curriculum, and leveled programs for growth in dancing ability!   Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association (http://www.abuda.ca/) again presents its annual Ukrainian Summer Dance Program.  Workshops to improve technique, learn about the dance styles of various regions and styles, and learn about the Art Form that is Ukrainian Dance in Canada!!

Meeting other Ukrainian dancers from across Alberta and the provinces of Canada, enjoying Ukrainian dancing together - what fun!  The cultural program includes crafts, songs, and fun activities to help dancers capture the Ukrainian spirit in a Canadian setting! 
AUGUST 5-10, 2012
PRICE: $395

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