Monday, 16 July 2012

When is MALANKA 2013? Not too early to book the date!!

The Calgary Plast Ukrainian Scouting Association (PLAST) is again planning for their annual MALANKA!  A really special event, the PLAST MALANKA brings a Calgary Western Flare to the Ukrainian New Year celebration called Malanka.  Plast has a lot of experience with this event, it has been on the calendar each year for.....well at least over 10 years - and each year we dance til the band begs to go home!!
A Ukrainian Malanka is a formerly rural celebration of the New Year. In the deep winter in Ukraine, people would perform traditional plays and skits marking the mystical turn of time.  Calgary PLAST Ukrainan Scouts is also a mix of old and new traditions - each year their program of activities seems to broaden its vision of what is means to be Ukrainian and Canadian.  Calgary PLAST's MALANKA is really a very impressive black tie event in modern downtown Calgary!  It's a special, dress up affair!

Calgary PLAST is again hosting two bands for their 2013 Ukrainian New Years Malanka. Performing that evening will be the two Dance Bands from Calgary, "Zhyto" and "The Real Deal". Also performing will be Stephania Romaniuk, Tanya Chumak, and TRYZUB Dance Ensemble.  Non stop dancing is guaranteed - with a mix of blues, R&B, funk, soul, swing and beyond, and then enthusiatic toetapping traditional Ukrainian dance band sounds, how can you beat it?

I always have such a fun time at Malanka - it's a good party, good company and such a lot of fun seeing friends after the family clutch of the Christmas holidays.  Time to kick up a kolomeyka or something. 

PLAST’s Malanka 2013 will be held on Saturday, January 19, at The Calgary Petroleum Club.

Here's a sample of Zhyto playing - Komaryk - The Mosquito!

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