Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Calgary's Ukrainian Pioneer Park

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"strong because we are united"
Calgary's Ukrainian Pioneer Park is located on the 600 block of 7th Avenue.  A little to the east of Edmonton Trail, kittty corner from the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Assumption, Ukrainian Pioneer Park is a testament to the early settlers in the area, dedicated to celebrating Calgary's Ukrainian community.  
Ukrainian Pioneer Park- Calgary

This is a lovely, little park in the Renfrew area.  With a playground for little ones, and park benches to sit on, it provides a gentle respite to the busy schedule.  There is a little corner store across the street where you can purchase a little snack to enjoy while the kids play at the park.  

Ukrainian Pioneer Park-Calgary
Until the 1940's this was farmland. During the Second World War, there was a Royal Canadian Air Force training base and airfield here. It served as Calgary's airport too. Once the airport was relocated from its original site (on the corner of present-day 6th Street and Regal Crescent), the area was developed for residential use.

In 1991 (marking a century of Ukrainian Canadian settlement) a monument to the Ukrainian Pioneers was celebrated by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the City of Calgary.  Make a point of bringing guests to Calgary to the Ukrainian landmarks in our great city, and thank Canada for welcoming Ukrainians for over a century!    

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