Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Alberta-Ukraine Advantage

The Ukrainian-Albertan relationship has been forged over the last 120 or so more years. Alberta wasn't even a province when the first immigrants from Ukraine arrived in the Edna/Star (Lamont-Andrew) area (1890's). Alberta became a province in 1905. It has been great timing for Ukrainian Albertans, starting out as labourers and farmers in those days. Without a doubt, those settler's ancestral agrarian life (animal husbandry, mining, etc.) served as a vivid example for their advocacy in relation to Alberta's resource development.

But Alberta has been a great place to foster the development of our human resources (people) too.  Public education, encouraging individual talents, building a safety net to protect those in need, and encouraging a lively discussion about how our society continues to develop, Alberta is a place for personal growth and responsibility.    

"In the fruition of time" Ukrainian Albertans have become a part of everything Canadian. Bringing ancestral learnings here, contemplating examples of other cultural world views, the Alberta project is a special blend. It seems to be working.

Clearly, people are at the core of Alberta's successes.  Forging ties with the ancestral homelands of many immigrant groups, our governmental representatives have fostered a good relationship with Ukraine, and its diaspora here in Alberta.  Cultural/linguistic opportunity, community development, humanitarian aid, and economic ties have been made possible. To understand the depth and breadth of the Ukrainian-Alberta relationship, and to knowledgeably take part in our Alberta-Ukraine Advantage one needs to look at the document link below.  Tons of information about Ukrainian Alberta.  I hope you enjoy reading.
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