Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ukrainian School - Ridna Shkola in Calgary

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Well it is September again, and time to register the children in Ukrainian language programs - such a rich and rewarding gift of culture and family tradition!!  So I spoke with Olena Kanevska, one of the teachers at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian School recently.  She was excited to tell me about attending the Ukrainian School Teacher's Conference in Toronto earlier this summer!  I guess a lot of people are on the same page, programs growing, changing, adapting, all with the intent of supporting families in their desire to pass on the best of ancestral traditions to their children! A lot of teachers from across Canada participated this year!
So Olena told me the conference was a few days long.  On the first day, they discussed introducing a program called"Sonechko",  to help kids get to learn a lot of Ukrainian songs.  The new methodology is designed teach songs and poems to help with memory and language fluency.  On the second day, there were two sessions.  The one Olena participated in was excellent.  Teachers shared their experience in reading Ukrainian fairy tales to children for education purposes that can be used in Sadochok and especially for students who love literature. Olena says the materials and knowledge acquired during sessions 2 and 3 were very helpful and supportive of Ridna Shkola growth.  On day three, Olena says she was thrilled to see her favorite methodology for language teaching was being celebrated. "We always use a lot of games during our classes but I learned more games that will add fun and interest to our activities."
St. Vladimir's Ukrainian School will probably start September, 21 or 28. The administration expects at  least two groups - younger and older, and the program will be growing, including Ukrainian, History and Geography.  They anticipate the continuation of another teenagers group to complete their Ukrainian 10, 20 and 30 too. (Nice when the children can achieve their high school credits for Ukrainian lessons here in Calgary!!)
Congratulations to Olena and the Ridna Shkola (Ukrainian School) Teachers at St. Vladimir's Saturday School for adapting the program to Calgary needs! Thanks to Calgary UWAC for supporting Ridna Shkola again. 
Time to register the children!  Call Michelle at 403-264-3437 for further information!!  
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