Saturday, 1 September 2012

Celebrating our Volunteers- Hetman Awards 2012

Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Alberta Provincial Council
Honouring our Ukrainian Community Volunteers !

Acknowledging our amazing Ukrainian Calgary volunteers, this year's Ukrainian Canadian Congress is celebrating some special people from Calgary! 

Volunteers are the heart of our Ukrainian Calgary community, giving of their time, treasure and talent to create a climate in which the Ukrainian idea can thrive here on the Western Canadian prairies.  They honor us, they treasure their heritage, and give selflessly in service to something greater than one individual.  Often their whole families are dedicated to this idea of "paying it forward" in the hopes that future generations may enjoy the services and community life we cherish so. 

Since 1998, UCC Alberta has celebrated these outstanding Albertans of Ukrainian heritage.  Over the years many Albertans, and many Calgarians have been on the honoree list.  In the 2012 year, there are at least three (I know of personally) who are to be honored at the Hetman Awards Gala in Edmonton this fall.  Julianna Michayluk nominated for (among her other talents) her service to CYMK in the youth category, Lessia Savedchuk who has been nominated for her endless enthusiastic contributions and leadership (among other talents) by PLAST Ukrainian Scouts Calgary, and Shirley Din, in the posthumous category, for her many years of dedication and Presidency of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada- Calgary Branch at St. Vladimir's Congregation, will each be publicly honored. 

Let's publicly recognize those whose long time service has built our community.  If you know the names of other honorees, past or present, you are welcome to comment on this blog, and share the congratulations with all the UkrainianCalgary blog readers.  Congratulations and sincere gratitude to all Hetman Award recipients!!

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