Sunday, 16 December 2012

Faith, Love, and Generosity

Welcoming the patron Saint of children!   Today's program for Святий Миколай St. Nicholas was a bundle of lessons about the Saint, child centered verses about good behavior spoken with clear Ukrainian diction, cheerful seasonal songs, traditional Ukrainian carols and the traditional hymn of welcome for Sviatey Mikolay!  Such lovely little people, and such lovely little voices, bursting full of love for learning.

The stage at St. Vlad's Cultural Center at 404 Meredith  Road NE Calgary was full of children from three years up to early teens. Children from Sadochok (Calgary's only Ukrainian language bilingual preschool program), Ukrainian Saturday School, and Church school were excited to perform for the guests!  Smiling faces, beautiful embroideries, and sparkling voices brought huge grins of pride from parents, grandparents, teachers and guests.  These enthusiastic Садочок Sadochok, Рідна Школа Ridna Shkola, and Church School children make us all proud!

We all loved the show! Special thanks to Olena Kanevska, Zennovia Haydey and Pani Valia - the teachers whose preparation and care made a visit from the Generous Saint himself, Святий Миколай so welcome!  A gift of faith, love and generosity!

And thanks to St. Nicholas the Wonder Worker who must be very busy tending the hearts of many vulnerable children the world-over during this season of peace, love and hope!

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