Monday, 3 December 2012

TREMBITA Ukrainian Band CD Release Party - comp.
The TREMBITA Ukrainian Dance Band of central Alberta has just released their newest recording!  In celebration of their 35 years of polka and the KEEP CALM AND POLKA ON movement, the TREMBITA band is releasing their 3rd CD entitled "KEEP CALM AND POLKA ON".

The CD Release party is taking place on Saturday, December 8 at the Ardrossan Recreation Complex.
The Opening Act will be "Psychic City" - another group of fine musicians!

For more information and ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY please contact Slavko at 780-278-8336/780-417-3338 or Paul at 780-916-6786.  You could also email to

Congratulations TREMBITA! I have loved your polkas, waltzes, and kolomeyka dance music over the years,  and hope to again soon!

For more information about Trembita - the Hutsula Horn check this blog site at 
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