Friday, 28 December 2012

Live CD Recording With Millenia Band

Sunday, Feburary 17, 2013 - put the date on your calendar! With three great albums to their credit and a full performance schedule, Millenia is recording again! Their growing fan base can't wait for this great Ukrainian band to put together another fabulous album!

Millenia has been around for over a decade, and have played many zabavas, festivals and events all over the continent.  Paying homage to their Ukrainian musical roots, they have embraced traditional instrumentation and lyrics but with a diversely eclectic rocking sound.  Each member of the band has undertaken a family music apprenticeship, dedicating themselves to the uniquely Ukrainian Canadian traditions in rocking zabava sound.  Their accumulated Ukrainian Band experiences and influences include + Trubka,  +Jimmy Wacko and the Lumberjacks, Joe Hrycyk, and the Starlights, KCJones,, Connors Road, Granny Dynamite, Robin Keil, and the Malibu Band, the boys in Millenia Band have a rock sound that is rich with influences, full and eclectic - with a proudly Ukrainian Prairie focus too! 

Previous albums have included Bratya Браття, Korinnya Коріння and Zhyttia Життя with a huge range of rockin' tunes "to polka your face off". For a sampler of their top songs from the albums including Holubka Голубка, Hulya Nochka Гуляй ночка, Kolomeyka Коломийка, A V'nedilyu Rano А в неділю рано, Kum Кум and Po Hribi Khodila По гриби ходила, all available for purchase at w  

Millenia will be recording their 4th, a new album called On The Rocks this February. Recording live, at the biggest dance floor in downtown Edmonton, they are inviting family and friends to tear up the dance floor!  For advance tickets to this great experience, get a hold of for more information.  
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