Friday, 28 December 2012

"Medove Pyvo" - Медове Пиво - Malanka Song

Collecting honey and honeycomb in their natural habitat can be risky but rewarding business.  A treasured sweetener, the ancients celebrated honey in many ways including song! A gift from nature, a medicinal, a food, a preservative, for embalming, it's wax for writing pysanky, honey has it all.  And it makes for the most delicious flavourful mead to drink - honey beer!!

Honey hunters have sweetened the Ukrainian historic tradition for at least 8,000 years. Besides its ritual importance in so many areas of Ukrainian culture and traditional life, it is easy to find archeological records from Ukraine's borderlands in Georgia and this depiction of honey seekers from Spain

The traditional Ukrainian folk song-incantation - "Medove Pyvo" Медове пиво is Tyt i Tam Ukrainian "goodtimes polka brigade zabava system" from Saskatoon's most recently released new video for this traditional Ukrainian New Years Malanka song. It's a great piece full of good wishes and perfect for a exciting kolomeyka circle dance. This old style dance for a circle of villagers and friends accompanied by such a traditional folk song set in a Canadian rockin' style will bring everyone to their feet! This, and other songs from their collection is available for purchase on Itunes but you can watch it  If you are already there, I suggest another song, Ostafie's Odyssey, perfect little solo accordian piece!

Tyt i Tam performs a unique and progressive style of Ukrainian folk music. Their extensive professional breadth of musical experience is tremendous. Playing at events across the prairies and into the foothills, TytiTam is the 5 piece band playing at this winter's 2013 Malanka in the Mountains in Jasper. What a fabulous evening! Time to get tickets!

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