Saturday, 2 February 2013


There are moments, and there are moments.  How does one learn to stay present in the moment, and yet understand that it is but a moment?

Some moments just feel completely blissful! They are brighter than others, and that bliss settles deep in your bones, if only for a moment! Then we simply don't say anything, to anyone about that moment!  But in not saying anything aloud, do we relegate the moment to memory, or is it simply forgotten?

Well, this is about my bliss.

My dad was very tenuously holding onto life, when the call came.  The drive there was time to ponder and pray. So I sang!  Amid the tears were moments of pure joy, radiance, then pure sorrow with a deluge of loneliness across the stretch of highway. When I arrived to hold his still warm hand, a jolt of recognition hit me.  The celestial faucet didn't know whether it should feel grief or comfort.  This was one of those moments, a forever moment full of bliss.  Pure joy for a precious life, and pure sorrow for its repose.  More than happiness, and deeply sad, awed by the mystery and the promise, I felt intense gratitude.

It was a moment full of color, of warmth, of peace and faith deep in my bones. How is it possible at this moment of his passing that I should feel such buoyant health?

We know to stay present in the moment, but can we fathom that a person's entire life of moments, amounts to a single moment in the measuring of time that spans eternity.  It makes a person realize that bliss is the reason we are here!  We live if only to taste this bliss for a moment.

The moment in time when my hand held his, I felt the exultation of spirit, the immense delight at witnessing the mystery of life, a peak moment filled with humility. The thin veil of life being pushed aside, the wonder at what my dad might discover next.

Conventional wisdom isn't mine, it was good to not run from this life moment.  For all the sorrow, it was a transient moment full of a sense of something omnipresent.  Searching for an answer wasn't necessary.  My dad's entire being spoke to me as I stood here holding his hand, "beautiful!"

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