Friday, 1 February 2013

Spirituality and Symbols

Calgary is the home of three Ukrainian Christian communities - three Christian churches.  Since the building of the first Ukrainian church in Calgary in 1912, these communities have all served the spiritual needs of Calgarians, Southern Albertans, family and guests from far and wide.  The mission work of these congregations involves meeting the need to commune - to live together, think together, and pray together as one Christian family.

How fortunate we are to live in a democracy that guarantees the freedom to associate, freedom to believe, freedom to choose how we express our faith - things some Canadians may often take for granted.  From time to time, it might be good to recall some of the reasons why immigrants choose this democratic nation for a home!!  Good to remember why it is a place we cherish and pray to preserve for generations to come!

How fortunate for spiritually thirsty Ukrainian Canadians that communities continue to congregate together, use the ancestral language and traditions, honor the saints and Saints of our ancestral homeland, and pray that our comings and goings will be judged favourably by eternity.   

What is a Ukrainian church?  What is a Greek church or a Bulgarian church or a ......whatever ethnicity you choose?  Ukrainians have choices it seems.  Or perhaps, the world is trying to decide what to do with Ukrainian choices.

I truly believe that knowledge is essential for self understanding.  Unfortunately, knowledge itself doesn't always equal insight.  That is, perhaps, why the Ukrainian Christian world continues to ponder its future.  Historic documents speak volumes, but in every re-reading, with every new context, they deliver a richer picture.  Some people drink wine, some become overly engaged in wine drinking, but then some become connoisseurs - people who understand the subtle notes, the fleeting flavour, and the enduring end note - whose opinions are valued and considered - for their insight. For it is true that every good thing comes with a cost.

In following Uke Tube, some of these topics of interest are discussed. 

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