Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Calgary Shevchenko Event 2013

The Bard of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko left a legacy of art, poetry and stories of regular people, elevated through literature, and remembered for their humanity.  Their hopes, dreams and aspirations continue to speak over nearly two centuries since his birth. In similar vein, the Ukrainian diaspora is collectively concerned about identity, freedom, Ukrainian language use, and its place in the Ukrainian idea.  A pantheon of great thinkers have been of similar thought. Nurtured on Shevchenko's words, his countrymen are a great nation with many gifts to share with the world.  But this is also a challenge, because he reminds that it is collective memory, the language, culture and traditions that bear the stories of history, perspective for understanding the present, and an image of what could be possible in the future! The Annual  Taras Shevchenko Concert is an opportunity to express just these types of ideas - to flesh them out for the contemporary age.

The Calgary Branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress is of such a mindset.  The 2013 Annual Taras Shevchenko Concert held on March 10, at 3 PM at the Assumption Church Hall on 7th Avenue and 6th Street NE, Calgary is dedicated to the idea - our language, our freedom.

for info call- 403-276-1835 or

калґарський відділ КОНҐРЕСУ УКРАЇНЦІВ КАНАДИ запрошує

10-ого БЕРЕЗНЯ 2013 в 3ті годині пополудні

в церковні залі Успення 704 Sixth Street N. E.

за дальші інформації -  403-276-1835
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