Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pysanka Specialist Daena Diduck

Calgary's Breakfast Television hosted pysanka specialist Daena Diduck on  March 26, 2013.  Her pysanky have been featured at all of Calgary's 3 Ukrainian Festivals to date, and will again be displayed and instructed in June of 2013 at Calgary's Ukrainian Festival.

On the TV interview, she displayed the various special sizes of eggs to use besides
chicken eggs, pheasant, ostrich, goose and bantum chicken. Explaining the variety of traditional symbols employed, she highlighted that the writing of a pysanka is a gift - a gift of health and good will. Enjoy the video below and see Daena soon at the Festival!

Ukrainian Easter Eggs - Mar 26th (05:17)

It's the season to be artistic! Ukrainian egg decorator, Daena Diduck gives us a few simple ideas on how to decorate eggs for the holiday.
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