Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ukrainian Pottery Decoration Project

Getting truly unique art and ceramics for a Canadian Ukrainian style decor is tricky in Calgary.  It is true that you can purchase so much on line, but I am all for making art myself.  But where to get truly beautiful ideas that I can actually produce myself?

So I am heading to a "paint it yourself" studio later today.  A coffee and companionship, with an artistic outlet to free the child in me.  Actually there are great philosophers who believe you need to get into a flow state to truly relax.  When you lose track of time, and the hand, the body and the mind are all engaged in creating something, that is a flow state.  My ideal flow state happens with handwriting, painting, while writing pysanky, dancing,  singing, and of course writing - at least these are my favorites. In a flow state a person loses track of time and is engaged fully.

Flendrivka-rare Ukrainian pottery decoration style - youtube
But today it is a paint yourself ceramic experience - let's see whether my amateur skills can create something beautiful!  Here is the example I am planning to emulate - wish me a steady hand!

Flendrivka-rare Ukrainian pottery decoration style

So that was a week ago and here is my beginner version of флендрівка. Lots to learn ahead, but I hope you like it! It could be the beginning of a set of bowls!


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