Saturday, 30 March 2013

Study Ukrainian Abroad 2013

I have just learned that Ukrainian is the most euphonic language in the world - at least that is what the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv's site says. I know that a while back Calgary hosted a fundraiser for the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv - it looks like their programs are growing!

The Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv are again hosting a summer language program for new learners, and experienced speakers.  Excellent instruction and a location that is safe, culturally rich, and full of enthusiasm for North American learners!  A while back I met an instructor from the program who showed me some of the methods materials, and wow! was I impressed.  Not your typical Saturday School program at all - very good use of international understandings, and very quick to learn conversational scripts - that work!  Highly recommended - maybe for a young person you might know?

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