Saturday, 16 March 2013

Spring has a Ring - of Kovbasa

Naturally, my husband is interested in the glorious ring of smoked meat Ukrainians call kovbasa. Kubasa, kobasa, kubie, it has a variety of endearments - and there is definitely a ring in the air this spring.  
The kobvasa  has such a prominent place in the Easter tradition - a ring of smoked meat, meat served as a sacrifice after a long lenten period.  It is but one of the special foods I will take to be blessed in my Easter basket!  Braided Paska bread, sweet Babka bread, cheese, butter, ham, horseradish, and kovaba, then some fresh green onions and beet-horseradish, and decorated with boiled eggs, colored krashanky eggs, and of course newly scribed Ukrainian Easter Eggs -pysanky!
So you know that Calgary's Ukrainian community has a variety of tastes, a variety of pleasures - but Ukrainian food draws everybody's attention it seems. And the Ogden House Ukrainian Cultural Society in Calgary is a great group of people with community on the mind.
If you have "Eastered" or if you are on the way to "Paska", or you do both, or neither, The Ogden House Ukrainian Cultural Society in Calgary is pleased to bring to you Kubie Madness!...Naturally another wonderful evening of food and entertainment to help ease the transition from Winter into Spring!
So now you know, my husband is interested in kovbasa.  More so now because he just bought himself a new toy - a smoker!  It may not happen too quickly, but there may be a new flavour of kovbasa for my festive table soon - will keep you posted.  (Really, how much garlic do you like in your Ukrainian sausage?)
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