Friday, 5 April 2013

Flat Head Screws

If you are ever in New York City, as I was recently, you undoubtedly paid a visit to the amazing Metropolitan Museum of Art embraced by the beauty of Central Park. However, you may not have known to pop into another treasure find just kitty corner away. 

The Ukrainian Institute of America is housed in a turn of the last century mansion across the street from Central Park.  Thanks to a Ukrainian industrialist, inventor and philanthropist, this beautiful mansion with its prestigious address and unique architectural style has become a hub for seminars, symposia and conferences about news, political events and policy in Ukrainian organizations both here in the diaspora and in Ukraine. 

An anecdote retold by a friend enticed me to enter this fabulous building - this impressive Institute was made possible through the generosity of a person whose claim to fame involved the invention of a very needed flat head screw, designed especially for airplane construction.  It says something special about the Ukrainian dream in the diaspora that such an institution should be doing its work, quietly and effectively, nestled as it is in the most wonderful location on museum trail in New York City. 

The grandeur of its architectural style is in stark contrast to the amazing modern art treasure we found inside on its gallery walls.  Twenty eight three-dimensional geometrically shaped, constructed relief sculptures were in the exhibition that welcomed us. And when we looked closer, it was the very interesting, contemporary art-works of professor of Fine Art at the University of Calgary, Ron Kostyniuk.

Ron Kostyniuk is a Canadian artist of Ukrainian descent whose work has been widely exhibited. His sculptures are included in many private and museum collections in Canada. We were glad to have the opportunity to view his exhibition, Art as Nature Analogue, and have another special place to visit the next time in New York - the Ukrainian Institute of America.  


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